Cell cultivation in the incubator shaker

To successfully cultivate cell cultures in the incubator shaker, these require a gentle mixing, active and hygienic humidification in order to avoid evaporation and precise CO2 regulation for a steadier pH in the medium. In addition, sterility plays an important role in preventing contamination during longer processes.

Steady and homogeneous conditions

To obtain reproducible results from the cell cultivation, there must be optimal cultivation conditions during the entire bioprocess. An incubator shaker optimized for cell cultures therefore offers the option of precisely regulating the CO2 supply and the air humidity. The humidification must be free of condensate in order to avoid long-term damage and contamination in the shaker. A reliable and high degree of temperature uniformity is also important.

Optimal oxygenation with gentle mixing

Unlike static incubators, incubator shakers ensure ideal mixing of the cell cultures and thus supply them with sufficient oxygen. A correspondingly gentle drive with a low agitation speed ensures the availability of oxygen to the cell cultures which are sensitive to shearing.

Hygienic environment for cell cultivations

Contaminations in the cell culture cost much time and money. Incubator shakers for cell cultures therefore offer special features which minimize the risk of contamination. Ideally the shaker is equipped with additional hygienic features, an antimicrobial coating, and UV radiation. When selecting the incubator shaker make sure that it can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly and that leaking liquid is contained in the interior.

Intelligent design shortens cultivation interruptions

Even the slightest change in the conditions can damage the cells. In practice, this means opening the door of the incubator shaker as little as possible and keeping the necessary interruptions as brief as possible A door mechanism which can be operated quickly as well as a fast automatic start-stop mechanism are therefore important features. In addition, the culture vessels should be able to be reached easily and ergonomically for the user.

GMP-compliant documentation and comprehensive reporting

Incubator shakers can be qualified according to customer requirements: Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT), Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ). A bioprocess software documents the entire cultivation process and additionally enables automatic monitoring and regulation over a longer period of time.

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Cell culture solutions customized for you
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You solutions for cell cultivation

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Don't Miss Out on this Limited-Time Offer!

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Minitron - Version for cell cultures

Minitron - Version for cell cultures

Compact incubation shaker for up to 18 L

  • Two units can be stacked

  • Small dimensions

eve®  – Bioprocess software for shakers

eve® – Bioprocess software for shakers

Workflow-oriented planning tools and comprehensive options for bioprocess control and monitoring

  • Location-independent monitoring and control of bioprocess parameters 

  • Detailed reporting according to GMP

  • Validation according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 possible​ 

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The Multitron has greatly increased the production capacity of our small lab space. I’ve relied on these shakers for years and couldn’t be happier.
Nicole Lapuyade-Baker - Senior Research Associate CytomX Therapeutics
The best incubator on the market for culturing mammalian suspension cells in a humid, carbon dioxide atmosphere.
Matthew Higgins - Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK
I’ve worked with the Multitron Standard in the laboratory for 8 years. My conclusion: nearly maintenance-free, reliable temperature and agitation control and extremely flexible loading.
Dipl. Ing. Biot. MSc (FH) Christian Meier - Managing Director Infors Latam

«The largest capacity for its footprint on the market, reliability and custom configuration options make the Multitron the perfect incubator shaker.»

Kulwant Kandra — Product Manager

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