High cell densities in the bioreactor

High-cell-density bioprocesses make significant demands on a bioreactor. They require a powerful motor, a high level of oxygenation, and a high-performance cooling system. To achieve high cell densities, a suitable feeding strategy is also essential. Additional scales and corresponding sensors ensure an easy and precise addition of nutrients.

Increased need for oxygen

High-cell-density cultures have an increased need for oxygen during the growth phase. The increasing need for oxygen can be met through the combination of stirring speed and gassing. To achieve the rpm needed for this, even in the case of high viscosity of the high-cell-density cultures, a powerful drive is required.

Methods for precise addition of nutrients

Regulating the substrate concentration plays a central role in high-cell-density processes. The pump for the addition of substrate can be controlled either directly on the bioreactor or using a specific bioprocess software. Being able to save and reuse individual feeding profiles is a significant advantage. Connecting a scale also allows gravimetric feeding for a precise addition of nutrients over long periods of time.

Optimize metabolic processes

Using a bioprocess software, metabolic processes in cultures can be selectively analyzed and optimized. For example, the culture status can be tracked in real time via online sensors for the exhaust gas and biomass analysis (O2, CO2, turbidity). In addition, exponential feeding can be performed using the respiratory quotient (RQ).

Higher yields with high cell density fermentations

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  • Redox
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Higher yields with high cell density fermentations
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Our solutions for demanding high-cell-density cultivations

Minifors 2

Minifors 2

The Minifors 2 is a compact and easy-to-use bioreactor with a full range of application possibilities.

  • Up to 6 L total volume

  • High gassing possible

  • Additional cooling via cold finger

Labfors 5

Labfors 5

Our most versatile and freely configurable benchtop bioreactor, which can handle even the most complex applications.

  • Up to 13 L total volume

  • Optional high-torque motor

  • Up to 5 MFCs



The Techfors-S contains exactly the same components as our bench bioreactors. Thus both beginners as well as process experts will be able to manage easily.

  • Up to 42 L total volume



Pilot bioreactor built according to your requirements

  • Stainless steel vessel with up to 1000 L total volume

  • Selection of different stirrers, spargers and ports

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The Labfors bioreactors, with their modular philosophy, give us enormous flexibility.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Herwig - Head of Biochemical Engineering, Vienna Technical University

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