Bench-Top Shakers

Our orbital, bench-top shakers are designed to create homogenous mixing for successful cultivations. They are capable of holding any kind of laboratory vessels such as flasks, tubes or microplates. With their space-saving design the perfectly fit into most fume hoods and incubators.

Incubation Shakers

Incubator shakers are ideal for the culture of suspension cells including bacterial and yeast cultures. In cell culture, they increase safety and efficiency by replacing the need to place a separate shaker into an existing CO2 incubator. Features to look for when purchasing an incubation shaker include programmability, temperature uniformity, overall capacity as well as hygienic and ergonomic design.


For the optimal equipment of your laboratory shaker we offer a comprehensive range of accessories. Our autoclavable trays can be equipped with clamps, test tube holders, adhesive mats or 96-well plates. Additional devices give you real-time access to your bioprocess data and increase the degree of automation in the laboratory.