Customer Service

The response and capability of our Service Department is one of the key INFORS HT successes, especially in terms of the breadth and scope of our after sales service. INFORS HT has been developing and extending the role of the in-house department specifically dedicated to Service support for a number a years now.


As a manufacturer, INFORS HT can help with the validation process, with regard to the actual equipment used, in the following areas:

  • Design Qualification (DQ) - DQ
  • Installation Qualification - IQ
  • Operational Qualification - OQ
  • Factory Acceptance Test - FAT
  • Site Acceptance Test - SAT

Most bioreactors and shakers in the INFORS HT range can be qualified according to customer requirements. A standard package is available and we can provide a fully customised service, according to requirements. eve®  can also be validated.

We will find the right solution for you. Always.

Every bioprocess is different – and sometimes very special. To help make your project a success, we offer custom-made versions of all devices. Whether you want special stirrers and spargers on the Labfors 5 or another rpm on the Multitron with special needs with regard to loading – we review every customer request with regard to feasibility.

All of the economic, technical and production-related aspects will be discussed with you to offer you a solution which meets your expectations.

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