High-throughput screening in 96-well-plates

Efforts to keep the time from the development of a product until its introduction – also known as time-to-market – as short as possible also do not stop in pharmaceutical research. Efficiency applies to each process step as well as for basic research. To be able to conduct efficient high-throughput screening, it is of great benefit to be able to cultivate many parallel batches in very little space.

With fewer steps to the final process

With deep-well plates or microtiter plates, a sufficient amount of protein is obtained with which subsequent parallel batches can be analyzed. As a result, product-based decisions can be made very early on in process development and the number of steps until the final process can be reduced.

3-mm shaking throw combined with a high agitation speed

To achieve maximum oxygenation and optimal mixing even in small culture vessels, a small shaking throw adapted to this in combination with a high agitation speed up to 1000 min-1 is required. At the same time, less liquid volume is needed which decreases the costs for culture medium.

Incubation shaker with high capacity

To utilize the limited laboratory space as efficiently as possible for screening applications, several incubation shakers stacked on top of one another are used. Devices which are particularly space-saving have doors which open downwards and require little additional space for the connection, ventilation and maintenance.

Incubation shaker with appropriate equipment

Efficient screening can only succeed if the cultivation conditions are right. These include temperature uniformity, precise CO2 regulation and cooling as well as condensate-free humidification. This prevents loss of liquid through evaporation which is why it is indispensable, particularly in the case of the small volumes of microtiter and deep-well plates. In the screening of cell cultures, it is also recommended to consider the hygienic design of the incubation shaker, such as an antimicrobial surface. Thus for example, an antimicrobial surface can prevent contamination..

Compatible with automated handling solutions

The cultivation in microtiter plates offers the option of preparing them automatically with the aid of liquid-handling robots and then evaluating them afterwards with the help of microtiter plate readers. As a result, time, manual labor, and thus also costs can be saved.

Cultivate up to 23,000 parallel batches

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Cultivate up to 23,000 parallel batches
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Your solution for high-throughput screening

Multitron for screening

Multitron for screening

Technology proven to increase yields over traditional methods

  • 3-mm shaking throw and agitation speed of 1000 min–1

  • Hygienic, condensate-free humidification regulation limits evaporation effects

  • Small space requirement with high capacity

  • Active CO2 regulation

eve®  – Bioprocess software for shakers

eve® – Bioprocess software for shakers

Workflow-oriented planning tools and comprehensive options for bioprocess control and monitoring

  • Location-independent monitoring and control of bioprocess parameters 

  • Detailed reporting according to GMP

  • Validation according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 possible​ 

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The Multitron has greatly increased the production capacity of our small lab space. I’ve relied on these shakers for years and couldn’t be happier.
Nicole Lapuyade-Baker - Senior Research Associate CytomX Therapeutics
The best incubator on the market for culturing mammalian suspension cells in a humid, carbon dioxide atmosphere.
Matthew Higgins - Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK
I’ve worked with the Multitron Standard in the laboratory for 8 years. My conclusion: nearly maintenance-free, reliable temperature and agitation control and extremely flexible loading.
Dipl. Ing. Biot. MSc (FH) Christian Meier - Managing Director Infors Latam

«The largest capacity for its footprint on the market, reliability and custom configuration options make the Multitron the perfect incubator shaker.»

Kulwant Kandra — Product Manager

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