About us

Our story began in 1965 with an unoccupied news kiosk in Basel. From those humble beginnings, the small family company has developed into a global developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge incubation shakers and bioreactors. Many things have changed since our founding, but the guiding principles remain the same. The uncomplicated culture of INFORS HT and our family atmosphere have stayed with us. The unorthodox ideas, open thinking, creativity and even a bit of irrationality - pillars of our success – remain, as does our commitment to customer service.

To maintain our cutting edge, we follow industry trends and developments carefully. Our customers are our most important partners. We stay in close contact with institutions and companies around the world to develop the tools and technologies of the future.

Executive management

Lucas Kühner
Simon Egli
Janik Giesser

Laurent Gutzwiller
Head After Sales
Martin Heuschkel

Roland Winkler

Anja Hawrylenko

Our quality policy

Quality consciousness at Infors AG demands that we regularly reexamine internal and external processes alike. This has led to a powerful quality management system, which Infors AG introduced decades ago in compliance with international standard EN ISO 9001:2015. We define quality as follows:

  • We commit to products and services fulfilling the very highest standards of quality in order to meet the needs and expectations of our global customers.
  • We encourage and value a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience so that we can work together to continuously improve our products, processes and services.
  • We are all responsible for quality.

We routinely remind our employees of their personal responsibility to carry out their work safely, and we offer incentives for continuously improving the innovation process. 

We engage in an ongoing, open and personal dialog with all of our stakeholders—and develop and maintain partnerships.

Our environmental policy

Business activity and creative innovation often go hand in hand with encroaching on nature. As a member of a globe-spanning, integrated ecological system, we see our daily activities as helping maintain an ecological balance and preserve biodiversity within this system. As an independent, ISO 14001:2015-certified, family-owned Swiss company, we affirm our unique responsibility and intend to do our part to sustain our natural ecosystem. 

We take environmental preservation demands into account as early as the development and testing phase of new products and services. As we plan, construct and operate our technical facilities, we are committed to using only the best, most reliable technologies. In addition, we utilize every opportunity for conserving energy and raw materials, preventing or minimizing hazardous emissions and noise pollution, and eliminating, reducing and recycling waste products. We also reuse recovered materials as appropriate and properly dispose of anything we can no longer salvage.

Infors AG calls upon each and every one of its employees to play an active role in protecting the environment, offering information and training aimed at instilling environmentally conscious habits and practices.


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