Advancing mRNA Vaccine Development with the Multitron Incubation Shaker

In recent years, mRNA (messenger RNA) technology has emerged as a groundbreaking tool in the field of medicine, revolutionizing the way we approach disease prevention and treatment. This cutting-edge technology holds tremendous promise for combating a wide range of diseases, including infectious diseases, cancer and genetic disorders.

Advancing mRNA Vaccine Development with the Multitron Incubation Shaker

mRNA Technology


At the heart of mRNA technology lies the ability to develop vaccines and therapeutics that work in harmony with our own immune systems. Traditional vaccines often involve introducing weakened or inactivated pathogens to stimulate an immune response. However, mRNA vaccines take a different approach by delivering a small piece of synthetic mRNA that encodes a viral protein. Once inside our cells, this mRNA is translated into the viral protein, triggering an immune response without causing the actual infection. This method has proven immensely successful in the development of COVID-19 vaccines, enabling rapid response and deployment. After the battle against the pandemic, the field of cancer therapies is now in the focus of research, where mRNA is a very promising approach.

To facilitate the development and production of mRNA vaccines, it is essential to have advanced laboratory equipment that meets the stringent requirements of this specialized field.




Addressing the Unique Challenges of mRNA Vaccine Development


mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing

The research and development of mRNA technologies rely heavily on the use of advanced laboratory equipment, with incubation shakers playing a crucial role as the “universal workhorse” of mRNA-based therapy development. Incubation shakers are specialized instruments designed to create optimal growth conditions and controlled environments for cultures ensuring that mRNA molecules are efficiently translated into proteins. They maintain precise temperature, humidity and agitation levels, allowing cells to thrive and efficiently carry out the protein synthesis process. This level of control not only enhances the yield and purity of mRNA but also reduces the likelihood of experimental variability, increasing the reliability of results.

Improving Transfection Efficiency

Transfection, the process of introducing mRNA molecules into cells, is a vital step in mRNA vaccine development. Incubator shakers play a crucial role in improving transfection efficiency by enhancing the delivery of mRNA molecules into cells. The shaking motion creates gentle agitation, helping to improve the contact between mRNA molecules and cell membranes, thereby facilitating higher uptake rates. This improved transfection efficiency translates into higher yields of mRNA-transfected cells, which are essential for subsequent stages of vaccine development and testing.

Optimizing Protein Expression

Once mRNA molecules are successfully transfected into cells, the next step is to ensure efficient protein expression. Incubator shakers aid in optimizing protein expression by providing a controlled environment that facilitates the translation of mRNA into proteins. The shaking motion helps to overcome mass transfer limitations, ensuring uniform distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout the cell culture. This enhanced nutrient availability supports higher protein synthesis rates, leading to increased yields of the desired vaccine antigens.

Enabling Scale-Up and Process Optimization

As mRNA vaccine candidates progress through preclinical and clinical development, the need for large-scale production becomes paramount. Incubator shakers enable scale-up by offering flexible configurations that accommodate various vessel sizes and volumes. This adaptability allows researchers to optimize their processes and scale production while maintaining the advantages provided by the shaking motion and controlled temperature settings. The ability to replicate and maintain optimal growth conditions across larger cultures helps ensure consistency and reproducibility in mRNA vaccine production.


Striving for Shorter Time to Market for Patients’ and Customers’ Benefits


Fast time to market is of paramount importance in the field of mRNA technologies due to its potential to address urgent medical needs and save lives. Diseases and conditions that can be targeted by mRNA therapies often pose significant health risks and have limited treatment options. By accelerating the time it takes to bring these innovative therapies from the laboratory to the market, more patients can benefit from timely access to potentially life-saving treatments. Fast time to market also allows for rapid response to outbreaks and emerging diseases, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, where mRNA vaccines have demonstrated their effectiveness in controlling the spread of the virus.

Additionally, shorter development cycles enable pharmaceutical companies to recoup their investments sooner, fostering a more sustainable environment for continued research and development. Ultimately, reducing the time it takes to bring mRNA technologies to market has a profound impact on patient outcomes, public health, and the overall progress of medical science.



The Multitron used in mRNA research and development possess an array of features that enhance their functionality and usability. In addition to the mentioned features like temperature control, variable agitation speeds, and programmable settings, these incubation shakers also offer high capacity with a small footprint. This means they can accommodate a larger number of samples within a compact design, making optimal use of limited laboratory space. With their triple stack configuration, these shakers provide the perfect working height, allowing users to conveniently access the entire unit. This ergonomic design not only ensure ideal usability but also contributes to better and faster work efficiency, ultimately resulting in faster processes and increased productivity.

The compact design eliminates the need to remove doors or have exceptionally high ceilings for installation. They can be quickly set up and operational in standard laboratory spaces without compromising on performance. This versatility in placement allows researchers to seamlessly integrate the shakers into their existing laboratory infrastructure, saving time and resources.

The high capacity of these shakers enables the incubation of multiple samples in parallel. By stacking the units, researchers can significantly increase the throughput and production yield without requiring additional infrastructure. This parallel processing capability optimizes workflow and reduces the overall processing time, further contributing to faster results and more efficient experimentation. On the other hand, the Multitron is built to handle large 5 L flasks, offering a very high total liquid volume which compares to a pilot scale bioreactor.

Furthermore, the quality of construction and the well proven reliability ensure the timely completion of projects. As a result, by carefully selecting the right incubation shakers, researchers can significantly expedite the development process, leading to faster time to market for life-saving treatments.


By investing in high-quality lab equipment, researchers can propel the advancement of mRNA technology, bringing us closer to a future where personalized mRNA-based treatments are readily available, improving healthcare outcomes and positively impacting society as a whole.


Image Description

Multitron Incubator Shaker – The gold standard for mRNA vaccine development


The Multitron Incubation Shaker has been heavily used for the majority of mRNA vaccine research and development in the past years and stands as a trusted solution at the forefront of innovation, offering a range of features that make it highly suitable for mRNA vaccine development.

  • Optimal growth conditions due to precise temperature, CO2 and humidity control
  • Workflow-oriented ergonomic design
  • Highest capacity for any kind of vessels
  • Qualification for regulated environments




In Summary

The Multitron Incubation Shaker embodies the qualities necessary for successful mRNA vaccine development. Its innovative design, qualification for regulated environments, precise temperature control, short recovery time and user-friendly interface make it an invaluable asset in the journey towards creating safe and effective mRNA vaccines. All these features contribute to optimizing our customer’s workflows as well as provide optimal development conditions and help them shorten their time to market.

By investing in advanced laboratory equipment like the Multitron, researchers and scientists can accelerate their efforts to combat emerging diseases, contribute to global health and live up to their mission achieving their goals.

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