Transforming Bioprocess Research and Development with INFORS HT Bioreactor System Design

An interview-style article with Dr. Siti Rokhiyah PhD., Head of Bioreactor Unit at the Agro-Biotechnology Institute (ABI), National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) in Malaysia.

Discover how INFORS HT’s bioreactor systems enhance bioprocess R&D for the Agro-Biotechnology Institute. Explore their streamlined operations and optimized yields.

INFORS HT Techfors Bioreactor Success Story


Dr. Siti Rokhiyah PhD.
Head of Bioreactor Unit
Agro-Biotechnology Institute, Malaysia
Part of National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM)

INFORS HT Products

  • 100 L Techfors pilot bioreactor (shown in photograph)
  • 13 L Labfors bench-top bioreactor
  • Minifors bench-top bioreactors
  • eve® bioprocess platform software
  • After sale service and support

Dr. Siti Rokhiyah PhD

How are the systems used?

Since 2014, we’ve used Labfors and Techfors bioreactors for a variety of bioprocess research and development applications. These bioreactors are essential for cultivating and developing microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi, enabling the production of valuable products like secondary metabolites, proteins, animal vaccines, and food. Additionally, we employ these bioreactors in fermentation operations to optimize conditions for microbial growth and metabolism, ensuring we achieve high yields and product purity. Furthermore, we offer services to industry, utilizing our bioreactors to provide solutions tailored to their specific needs, further expanding the practical applications of our work.


How have these systems helped your organization?

The Labfors and Techfors bioreactor systems from INFORS HT have significantly improved our bioprocess R&D capabilities. Before using these bioreactors, recording and analyzing fermentation data was challenging, hindering our ability to optimize processes. The included eve® bioprocess platform software aids our operation, allowing real-time fermentation profile recording, visualization, and analysis. This enhances our ability to monitor runs, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for better process optimization and product quality. The user-friendly interface also reduces training time and ensures smooth operation.

Furthermore, digitalized and simplified calibration processes ensure accurate measurements, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity. The cascade control features also provide flexible control over fermentation parameters, catering to various microbial cultures and production conditions.

One particular anecdote was that we encountered difficulties with inoculation in our bioprocessing operations, especially when working with mycelium cultures that tended to form larger pellets. This posed challenges for both the inoculation and harvesting processes. However, INFORS HT provided us with a more straightforward and reliable solution. Their bioreactors feature a flexible design and customizable solutions that allow us to ease the process of inoculating larger mycelium and harvesting it.

Another challenge we faced was the manual calibration system, which proved unreliable and time-consuming. We often experienced fluctuations in calibration readings, leading to inconsistent data. However, the automated calibration features from INFORS HT made the process smoother by eliminating fluctuations and cutting down on the time needed to calibrate. This not only made our measurements more reliable but also made our bioprocessing operations more efficient.



Techfors Bioreactor Interface

What are your favorite bioreactor features?

With the Labfors and Techfors bioreactors, we can ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of the bioreactor system between runs, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring product integrity. Additionally, the ease of scaling up from Labfors to Techfors has been invaluable to me. The smooth transition between these systems allows us to scale the fermentation processes from laboratory-scale research to large-scale production without significant modifications or disruptions. This scalability saves time and resources and ensures consistency in process parameters and product quality across different scales of operation. Furthermore, the Labfors and Techfors bioreactors are straightforward to use due to their user-friendly design and intuitive interface. Their robust design provides stability and reliability.


Any other insights to share?

When considering bioprocessing solutions, it’s essential to prioritize user-friendly design and robustness. Investing in intuitive equipment that is easy to use and built to last may improve operating efficiency and assure consistent results. Additionally, customer support and after-sales service are very important aspects. Choosing a provider that offers reliable assistance and guidance can significantly impact your overall experience and the success of your bioprocessing operations.

We tried systems from other bioreactor manufacturers before moving to INFORS HT. While these systems worked fine initially, we soon encountered limitations such as old software and manual calibrations. These systems didn’t have enough support to keep up with our growing needs. Fortunately, INFORS HT provided us with advanced solutions that addressed these challenges. Our operations were significantly enhanced by their digital calibrating system and new features, and INFORS HT guarantees smooth bioprocessing operation with reliable after-sales support.

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Zainatul `Asyiqin Samsu
Zainatul `Asyiqin Samsu

I used Labfors back in 2012-2015 with IRIS as the software interface. Using this interface, i’m able to automate the feeding of waste cooking oil for fed-batch fermentation of biosurfactant. The automation was done by modifying the readily available sequence in the software to control the feeding to the fermenter. Through realtime data collection, i able to calculate the total amount of feed into the bioreactor and monitor the feed pump profile throughout the fermentation. These ara the features of labfors that i appreciate the most.

Ashley Treas
Ashley Treas

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding our bioprocess platform software. eve® picks up all of the Iris benefits if anyone is looking to upgrade and/or purchase a new system today!

Prof Dr Arokiaraj Pappusamy
Prof Dr Arokiaraj Pappusamy

Very informative & useful for R&D for medical & other research sectors