Biotech company uses microbial fermentation process in carbon recycling technology

“We want it so every child in the world can pick up a crayon and color the sky and have that crayon that they pick is blue, right, and today that’s not the reality for every kid around the world,” Zara Summers, Chief Science Officer at LanzaTech, a Biotech Company, vividly articulates the company’s goal to reduce fossil fuel consumption and instead, recycle carbon, that is already above ground to create necessities.

Graphic showing how the microbial fermentation process is used in carbon recycling technology.

We are proud to have supplied the INFORS HT Multifors bioreactors and eve® bioprocess platform software featured in the recent ABC7 Chicago article about LanzaTech’s groundbreaking carbon recycling technology. The article highlights LanzaTech’s innovative approach to reducing carbon emissions by capturing them from industrial sources and converting them into valuable products through microbial fermentation processes.

The Multifors Bioreactor stands out as an industry-leading product with our customer because it withstands the long running cycles required for their processes without any interruptions. The Multifors has a reliable magnetic drive system, capable of high RPM agitation for months at a time during extended continuous batches. This allows LanzaTech to increase their R&D productivity while maximizing their lab space efficiently.

The eve bioprocess platform software further optimizes their R&D fermentation operations, connecting dozens of bioreactor systems to a web browser-based software platform across multiple lab spaces. Controlling, monitoring, and analyzing your bioprocess has never been easier and more efficient.

LanzaTech Microbial Fermentation Lab

Our bioreactors and software play a crucial role in LanzaTech’s R&D work by providing the ideal environment for microbial fermentation for testing, optimizing, and prototyping. LanzaTech is continuously improving and optimizing its commercial process for converting captured carbon emissions into raw materials to produce a variety of useful products, including packaging, apparel, and fuels.

By supporting LanzaTech’s efforts, we’re not only helping to combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions, but we’re also effecting the development of a circular economy where waste is transformed into valuable resources.


Learn more about the INFORS HT products used in LanzaTech’s process

Multifors Bench-top Bioreactor

eve Bioprocess Platform Software

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