Christmas Poem: Prepare your Bioreactor for Holidays

It was the night before Christmas

And all through the lab,

Not a bioreactor was stirring,

No shaking to be had.


They’d made sure all was done,

Regards cleaning their kit up,

Before having some fun.


The users were good types

The water was shut off

Tight at the mains,

The jacket was emptied

Until no liquid remained.


Gas valves were closed tight,

Before purging the lines,

All pressure was bled off,

To make things just fine.


Main power was switched off,

The plug was withdrawn,

And draped on the unit,

For when New Year dawned,

All spills had been wiped up,

To clean the drip tray,

With mild detergent and water,

Keeping bad bugs at bay.


The vessel was checked on,

For O rings and seals,

And glycerin topped up,

Which was no big deal.


When all had been cleaned up,

Air filters replaced,

It was all reassembled,

And laced on the base.


The sensors were moved out,

And checked they were it,

Before placing in buffer,

Or capped with a tip.


Reagent bottles were emptied,

And tubing flushed clean,

To keep them quite ready,

For another campaign.


The last job was saved for the nerd of the lab,

To backup the data and just run a scan,

Before loading all updates,

Then make sure it still ran.

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