About us

Our story began in 1965 with an unoccupied news kiosk in Basel. From those humble beginnings, the small family firm has developed into a global developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge incubation shakers and bioreactors. Many things have changed since our founding, but the guiding principles remain the same. The uncomplicated culture of INFORS HT and our family atmosphere have stayed with us. The unorthodox ideas, open thinking, creativity and even a bit of irrationality - pillars of our success – remain, as does our commitment to customer service.

To maintain our cutting edge, we follow industry trends and developments carefully. Our customers are our most important partners. We stay in close contact with institutions and companies around the world to develop the tools and technologies of the future.

Michael Hawrylenko
President & CEO

Executive Board

Laurent Gutzwiller
Director Technical Customer Support
Simon Egli
Director Sales & Marketing

Martin Heuschkel
Director Technology

Roland Winkler
Director Operations

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