INFORS HT partners with FairJourney Biologics to Deliver Excellence in Antibody Discovery and Production

At INFORS HT, our mission is to provide superior products and services that improve bioprocess workflows and enable our customers to focus on their core mission. We believe in the power of partnerships that drive innovation, foster growth and deliver exceptional results. Hence we are thrilled to share the success story of FairJourney Biologics, an innovative Contract Research Organization specialized in Antibody Discovery and Production.

In this article, we will introduce FairJourney Biologics, shed light on their journey, the challenges they encounter and how our collaboration has been instrumental in advancing the field of antibody discovery.


INFORS HT partner of FairJourney Biologics

Meet Teresa and FairJourney Biologics


Teresa Barata is Chief Scientific Officer for Protein Sciences, the responsible for all protein science activities at FairJourney Biologics and a driving force behind their success. FairJourney Biologics is an antibody discovery company providing comprehensive services and expertise across the entire spectrum of research. Their commitment to scientific excellence and partner satisfaction sets them apart as an end-to-end world leading antibody partner.

Established in 2012 and after successful partnerships formed with over 200 Biotech and Pharma globally, FairJourney Biologics launched their Protein Sciences Division in 2021 to further extend their end-to-end offering of capabilities. They currently have over a decade expertise in antibody discovery and at least 14 partner antibodies have advanced to clinical stages as a direct result of this trajectory.


Supporting Innovation from Concept to Reality


FairJourney Biologics is dedicated to supporting their partners from concept through all stages of research. As Teresa explains, “We support projects from the very early stage with high-throughput production all the way through the later stage of discovery with higher amounts of material to enable in-vivo studies.” This broad scope encompasses a wide range of workflows, from plate-based production for high-throughput screening to multigram-scale production for advanced research.

The variety of best-in-class solutions Fairjourney offers is large and includes antibody discovery, antibody engineering, protein production, functional analysis, biophysical characterization, cell line services, biologistics, as well as next-generational antibody platforms, including proprietary mammalian display and explorer libraries technology.

With these services, FairJourney Biologics offers a comprehensive value proposition that spans the entire spectrum of antibody discovery, engineering, and development.



A Multitude of Projects, One Mission: INFORS HT’s Contribution to Reliability


FairJourney Biologics methodically handles a remarkable 30 to 40 different production projects concurrently. Managing this complexity demands not only expertise but also a robust infrastructure that can adapt to diverse project requirements.  The saving-space design of the three-stack configuration of the Multitron incubation shakers accommodates multiple vessels sizes simultaneously and allows for more vessels in a smaller footprint, making it an ideal choice for all laboratories looking to optimize and efficiently use their space.

The variety of expertise is reflected in a wide range of partnering enterprises, from visionary venture capitals, nimble virtual companies, innovative spin-offs and biotech companies to established big pharma giants. The collaborative and tailored approach ensures a flexibility that fits each partners’ individual needs.


FairJourney demonstrates that diversity in partnerships breeds innovation and accelerates progress. The versatile engagement model empowers them to adapt, evolve and excel, regardless of the size or nature of the program.

It is clear that with partners such as argenx, BMS, Boehringer Ingelheim, Genmab, Janssen, Takeda, and many more, FairJourney carries a big responsibility and is trusted to work with exceptional quality and state-of-the-art equipment.

This is the reason why the Multitron incubation shaker was developed to provide reliability, efficiency, high capacity and risk minimization.


As a one-stop-shop solutions provider, reliability is paramount for FairJourney Biologics. They understand that even with the best planning, having a built-in redundancy is essential to avoid setbacks. To ensure reliability to their partners, Teresa highlights important features in their Multitron incubation shakers for their operations: “The redundancy that is allowed in this system, the fact that you have two condensers, if there is a failure the second one will start, that is very important to us.” This reliability ensures that clients’ projects remain on track, regardless of unexpected challenges.

Risk minimization is a high priority, not only in terms of down time prevention but also in terms of reducing contamination. The high-quality materials, innovative technology in the manufacture and sterilization options ensures a controlled environment preventing contamination and safeguarding the integrity of your production. The reliable conditions created by the controlled environment minimize inconsistencies in product quality and reduce the chances of costly errors. The precise monitoring and control capabilities, operated from an intuitive user-friendly touchscreen, ensure that data is accurately collected and ready at hand for regulatory compliance.


Multitron incubation shakers are equipped with state-of-the-art temperature and CO2 control systems. This level of precision ensures a stable and controlled environment for cell culture, which is crucial for antibody production, as even small deviations can lead to reduced yields and inconsistencies in the product.

This and many other features, such as low maintenance requirements and customizable shaking profiles, make sure that bioprocess workflows run as seamlessly and efficiently as possible, ensuring best quality and fast delivery time to customers.


Investing in a reputable incubation shaker with a track record of durability and low maintenance requirements minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime and costly repairs. This is particularly important for companies that rely on continuous bioprocessing.

We are very proud to be part of FairJourney bioprocessing workflows. They are truly fit for purpose and make it possible for them to deliver results to their partners within an impressive timeline of just 2-3 weeks, from gene arrival to protein delivery.

They prioritize quality of the final products and implement stringent quality control to ensure the integrity, purity and functionality of the produced proteins, enabling better antibodies faster.



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Growth and Expansion


The recently built and expanded new state-of-the art facilities of FairJourney is a statement by itself. Ambitiously built in 2021, the antibody research center encompasses 170.000 sq.ft and offers over 140 fully equipped modular laboratories, meeting rooms, green spaces and offices.  As Europe’s leading investor and adopter of highly specialized and best in class equipment for antibody discovery and development the teams are optimally equipped for their tasks.

FairJourney Biologics has experienced substantial growth in their operations and facilities.  There are currently over 30 Multitron incubation shakers in operation 24/7.  The high capacity with small footprint of the Multitron incubation shakers will allow the labs to keep working efficiently and reliably nonstop for antibody production in the years to come.  As they plan for further expansion in the coming years, FairJourney remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability for their clients and so do we, making sure our incubation shakers offer reliability, accuracy and efficiency to remain at the forefront of innovation for antibody research and production.



“That is why when we planned our expansion, we kept INFORS HT as our partners.”

Teresa Barata, Chief Scientific Officer (Protein Sciences) at FairJourney Biologics



A Partnership Built on Trust and Success


The successful partnership between FairJourney Biologics and INFORS HT exemplifies the collaborative spirit that drives innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


“Thank you for your help in these last 3 years where we’ve been growing our production service, and we hope that this partnership continues for a long time.”

Teresa Barata, Chief Scientific Officer (Protein Sciences) at FairJourney Biologics


Supporting FairJourney’s success is a reflection of our commitment to empowering organizations across the biotechnology space in both research and development to overcome challenges and achieve greatness through the best bioprocess workflows.


At INFORS HT, we are committed to fuelling the success of our clients, just as we did for FairJourney Biologics. We take pride in witnessing their growth and are excited about the bright future that lies ahead.


Learn more about how our partnerships drive success in the biotechnology industry and how the Multitron incubation shakers can help optimize bioprocesses.

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Watch below the full interview with Teresa Barata from FairJourney Biologics.

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