30 Years of Multitron

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Have you been loyal to Multitron for years? We’re glad to hear it—after all, a long service life is one of the great hallmarks of Multitron. But someday you’ll be due for a replacement. With a little luck, a next generation Multitron might soon be in your lab.

We’re looking for the oldest Multitron still in use. For verification, what we need is the serial number and photo or video documentation showing that the device is still in use. The documents must be submitted by August 31, 2021.

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The History of Multitron

The success story began…

...with company founder Alexander Hawrylenko listening closely to what researchers were saying about efficient lab work. In order to save time during their experiments, laboratory staff liked using multiple benchtop shakers at the same time. If conducting their studies in an incubator, however, they could adjust the rotational speed of each tray, but not the temperature or other cultivation parameters. What if there were a way to save space yet run multiple benchtop shakers under different conditions? The solution would also have to be as easy-to-use and ergonomic as possible, as well as robust and long-lasting. Mr. Hawrylenko and his team of developers got to work and developed a new, well-insulated housing technology that was stable while still offering greater design flexibility. Plus, modules could be stacked on top of each other and configured separately, with the top unit still at a comfortable working height. The Multitron was unveiled in the summer of 1991 at Analytica, one of the world’s largest biotech trade shows.

…and is still going strong today.

What started out as a temperature- and humidity-controlled incubation shaker, turned into a highly configurable laboratory instrument that is now available in 450 variations, including some with CO2 regulation, humidification and cooling options. The Multitron is one of the most well-known and best-selling shaker incubators in the world and has left its mark on INFORS HT like no other device.

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50 - 150 million

shaking moves
performs a Multitron
in average per year.

~ 1400

single parts
are assembled for a
three-stacked Multitron.


can be configured.


since launch.

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