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Revamping referres to upgrading an existing fermentation plant. The aim is to supply the existing bioreactors with modern measuring and control systems, this way rendering them effective again for qualified processes.

The Revamping service begins with careful assessment of the physical unit, the application and the needs of the user in order to prepare a project proposal. The revamping work is then carried out by a team of professional and experienced engineers. Depending on size, this may be in-house or on-site. The finished upgrade is then thoroughly checked and tested to ensure it meets the original project specifications. Delivery is followed by installation and training as required.

The types of upgrade we can supply include:
  • Linking of existing analogue instrumentation to Iris 6 Parallel Bioprocess Control Software for data-logging and advanced control options
  • Replacement of analogue instrumentation by the INFORS HT control system for microprocessor control and operational security
  • Other controller types and special requirements will always be considered and determined on a case by case basis

Would you like to learn more about our revamping service? Our local team is looking forward to speaking with you.

Recommended Products:

The Iris 6 Parallel Bioprocess Control Software

  • Monitors and logs all process data generated in the bioreactors
  • Provides possibility to interact with peripherals through an open communication standard (OPC XML DA)
  • Powerful sequence language provides additional process control ranging from simple control sequences to complex customised solutions

Learn more about Iris 6 for Bioreactors!
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