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Product Description Revamping

Compared to measuring and control systems, the demands regarding material and hardware of a fermentation plant have not undergone many changes over many years. Units which could still be used without problem, where mechanical components are concerned, are discarded because of old MSR instrumentation systems.

This is where upgrading starts. The aim is to supply the existing bioreactor with modern measuring and control systems, this way rendering it effective again for qualified processes. The DDC technology of INFORS HT was designed especially for such processes as well and has already been proven many times in this way.

The INFORS HT X-DDC system stands for intelligent microprocessor control for bioreactors of all sizes. In addition to its flexibility, the menu driven operation is impressive. The operating panel complies with the general Windows standard and remains the same for all fementers, whether small or large, therefore reducing uncertainties with operation and the need for extensive training.

The operation is further simplified by a context sensitive on-line help line at the bottom of each screen. A series of tabs along the top of the display are used in conjunction with a rotary switch which allows easy navigation of the various menu options.

All INFORS HT X-DDC-systems come with a memory card. This exchangeable form of data storage is the size of a credit card and automatically saves all entered data. An unlimited number of formulas can therefore be run on one unit without time-consuming changes of the program.

With each bioreactor, small or large, the question of how to collect, analyze and visualize data arises. More complex applications ask for security of the system, possibility of configuration, compatibility, programming, etc. With the multi-bioreactor package Iris, INFORS HT offers one of the most powerful programs on the market., Iris. Developed by biotechnologists who are familiar with the demands and problems created by working with bioreactors, this software is an optimal complement to your system.

Using X-DDC and IRIS in combination provides for great flexibility in the logging, display and archiving of data coupled with sophisticated control based on time or events. Peripheral equipment such as additional sensors, pumps, balances and mass spectrometers can be added to Iris for ever more comprehensive data acquisition and control.

The revamping process itself involves several stages:
  • Initial assessment of requirements and preparation of a project proposal
  • Integration of the INFORS HT controller with the existing bioreactor base unit
  • Testing and quality control of the finished upgrade

At each stage, members of an experienced, specialist team undertake this work.
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