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Proud to serve you.

INFORS HT consistency over the years in providing innovative, high-end quality products to the industry, it's creative culture, flexibility and knowledgeable team has brought them recognition as leaders of incubation shaker and bioreactor development and technology manufacturer.

With the INFORS HT philosophy and technology in mind, our goal as Infors Canada is to continue to partner you through the evolution of your scientific and research needs. We would like to support you step by step through the process of acquiring and using our equipment, with consideration of present and future requirements of a rapidly evolving field.

In partnership, collaboration is always key, and we take great pride in offering you an ongoing comprehensive approach; with efforts that reflect the high quality standard of our equipment.

Joining knowledge to passion, we are surrounded by an experienced consultant force that provides assistance, technical and servicing availability, as well as options. Options, availability and very often simple solutions to more than just equipment requirements.

We thank you for choosing Infors Canada and invite you to contact us today to find out more on how we can help you.
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